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Since 1998, Al Hajis Contracting LLC has built a strong credibility in the domain which is benefiting many construction, infrastructure & engineering companies, builders, individuals house owners and bringing wellness in people’s life through our niche contribution to wellness infrastructure and professional services. Water feature construction and maintenance is what we serve.


Meticulous Planning​

In depth panning and surfacing of ideas for perfect execution

Completion On Time​

Perfectly balanced work hours for on time work guarantee

Perfect Execution​

With a clear vision of perfection, we have ensured transparency in all our endeavors

Best Services

Water feature construction and maintenance.

Our qualified, experienced, and well equipped work force assure timely results. Delivering high quality swimming pools for a luxurious lifestyle….Read more

Having a large open area is worth if you want to transform it or landscape it into a recreational water feature or even a small golf course, we got you….Read more

From increasing your hotels’ heading in the market to polishing your house for your dream build We have in-house expertise of designing and qualified technician to provide any kind of solution ….Read more

To successfully maintain peak efficiency of any structure it is essential to have an effective repair and maintenance service that helps your business or home operate smoothly and seamlessly….Read more

Most water features require a lot of cleaning to maintain the high standard and hygiene. We provide with the best in class service……Read more

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